Three Months

Yes. Three months. She said give her three months time to recover and get the best out of her.

Starting i was like it is too long, until the day i last met her, she was so down and cried until so bad, tried to comfort her but she said she really have to be alone to make her feel better. Yes, i could not accept the fact of temporary break up, but if i love her, i should let her feel comfortable of what she is doing right?

But the problem is, what if she don't like me anymore after three months? can she really changed her mind? I just hope she will really fully recovered, and i am gonna be so suffering this few days, probably weeks, i can't accept the fact that she don't love me anymore. I feel want to runaway, my heart is so down and down. I can't handle and hold my nerve, i was wanted to get out of here, i am deadly tired, heart so painful and tiring. What can i do?

Just sincerely hope she will fully recovered, and i should prepare to accept the fact and wait for her and i know my patience of love, one day she will know about it. I know and i believe. Just pray all the best for both of us. :')))


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Ceyron Louis

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