Happy Birthday to my Ex-Girlfriend :)

We laughed together
We cried together
We thought it would never end,
Through any kind of weather
And now that we’re friends,
It didn’t End
Happy birthday to someone I loved
And love…
My ex-girlfriend.
My best friend.
You used to be my girlfriend
And although I loved you then
I’ve seen you turn into
One of my most wonderful friends
So I’m here with you today to celebrate
Instead of look back and mourn
Today is the day God brought you to be
Happy Birthday, thanks for being born.
My ex-girlfriend is still my friend
Because she’s one of the best people I know
Someone I turn to when I’m feeling up
Someone who’s there when I’m feeling low
Through the years we’ve shared it all
As lovers, and as friends
Happy birthday to you my friend
I’m so glad our friendship didn’t end.
A long time ago we loved each other
And today we love each other steal
Just because it’s only a friendship now
Doesn’t mean the love was never real.
You were my best friend in times of trouble
A person who made me laugh and smile
Today I am here to hug you on your birthday
And thank you for staying in my life awhile.
When we said goodbye to our relationship,
We said hello to the most beautiful friends in the world
You continue to be the most awesome person I know
And you’re always a beautiful girl
Someone who changed my life
And gave me so many beautiful memories
That I will recall on this, her birthday
And always carry and hold close to me.
Happy birthday to my former girlfriend
We’re friends today because you’re great
A funny, warm, and caring woman
Who was brought to me by fate
To stay in my life and bless it
To be my friend no matter what they say
And it’s a pleasure for me to be with you
On this, a happy birthday.
I could never say in words how much I love you
In the past as a girlfriend, now as a best friend
You’ve given me so much joy
And always stuck with me to the end
I’m here today to hug you tight
And say thanks for always being there
Happy birthday to my one-time love
And forever best friend who cares.
We’re gonna have fun today like always
Laugh a lot and talk about old times
Back when we were together and in love
And how we came through just fine.
To remain the best of friends to this day
Cause you’re truly one of a kind
Happy birthday to my old girlfriend and best friend
She’s wonderful and I’m glad to have called her mine.
The good times and the bad times make us who we are
And we’ve truly lived through both together
Every single storm we’ve faced
Turned into fairer weather.
Today my ex-girl is celebrating her birthday
And I’m here as a friend to show I care
Thank you for being the wonderful person I know
Happy birthday, I promise to always be there.

The day before we go to Japan with friends, is your birthday. If we were still together, I was planning to give you a surprise by going to your house at midnight, apply all the purple balloon with chip and dale photo in it, ask your family and relatives to come if possible (because i know family is everything for you), then knock your door so that when you woke up and sees surprise everywhere with family celebrating for you, and I am the photographer that shoots all the photos, all your smiles with family, the joy and the surprise and the happiness.

But since we had break up peacefully, I decided not to give you present is just because I know you doesn't really matter about it, and my wishes and I know you would love to have peaceful, happy life all around you will do. My present to you, is to fulfill what you wants, which is to be friend back with you and stay happily and so on. I love you still, I don't know if one day my feelings to you will gone, but before the day arrived, I just hope that I can make you feel comfortable and happy by letting you go and do what you wants. This is what I hope for. Sincerely hope our Japan trip will be happy and fun!

Loving a person is that when you see the person you loved, stay happily and peacefully with herself, then you will be glad and happy too. And so do I right now. :)

Happy Birthday to my Ex, Amanda.

Friday 22/1/2016

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