One day, if.

One day, if.

One day, if.

One day, if.

One day, if.

One day, if she tells me that she did not have any feeling to me. What should I do?

Because of her incident, she can't really feel me seriously, she told me to be patient and very sorry to me, she can't do anything and she keep on tried her best to be herself. But yesterday night I am feeling hurt and wanna tell her all my feelings, but even make her feel uncomfortable, I could not do anything from it, I can't help her, I just hope she can back to her own, somehow patient is very crucial for both of us.

"Every relationship is hell, but true relationship go through it." I have tried my ever best to maintain with her to prove to her how much my loves to her, but somehow my sensitive attitude ruins my day, I over mind about her, I over cares about her, and it leads to me to get even more hurt yet have to suffer from my own, I wish to tell her everything in my heart, but end up she is getting even hurt. I'm not blaming her or angry of her, I am just thinking why good people have to suffer all these? We did not do anything extreme bad, the world is so unfair, i am feeling helpless, I really hope that she will recovers back to her.

Last night, the only word that hurts me is, "I can't make any promises to you". It means that in the future she might be losing her feelings to me perhaps? I am so sad, is this my fault? I am sorry to her. I just trying my best to do everything for her. No matter what happened, i will always appreciate her in every hour, every minutes, and every seconds. I Love Her so MUCH :')

P/S: Hope everything will be fine for us. Please.


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