Suffer, suffer, suffer.

How come she changed so much? I can't really feel her nowadays, she is even more and more cool to me. I am so suffering, feels wanna share out my feeling but i guess nobody will understand my feelings right now.

Because of the feeling she is facing, she can't feel me. I am feeling so torturing, it is even worse than long-distance relationship, i can't feel the love she gave me like the past, just like she is not concerning on me at all. I am so tired, how to solve her feeling? i know she tried so hard, but she is suffering too, but how about me? i can't expect anything, the more you expect, the more frustrate you are. I love her, I still do love her.

But, can i sustain it? World don't be unfair please. Sincerely praying so, so hard. :'(


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Ceyron Louis

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