Our 4th Monthsary

On 4th of September,

It shall be TGIF for me, but ended up not. I doubt myself due to my working skills, i am wondering the knowledge that i had learnt in University looks like totally nothing. OT until 7.30PM. Not a great day ahead for me, but only last long for half an hour.

Change the sad story, it will be happy story. Because today was our 4th monthsary, i was thought of giving her some surprise by buying a blue phone cover for her with a written paper inside. She looks shocked and happy and at the same time keep on saying sorry, sorry to me. But i just love to look at her smiling. Doesn't matter if she angry on me or saying me or anything. Just love every moment with her all the time. :)

We are having a great weekend before she off to Vietnam. She be the paparazzi of taking some video shoot of me while i am coaching, eat some delicious foods until we become fat and fat, watch movie with her relative, and etc.

Well, i just hope that she will always be happy all the time and get more relax on what she deserved to be. Praying hard that she will be healthy and absorb all the "gold" marbles into her body. (If you watched "Inside Out", then you will understand) :P

Let's recalled back our monthsary activities:

4th May 2015 - Putrajaya IOI City Mall/ Bridge
4th June 2015 - Meteora
4th July 2015 - Grand-Hyatt KL (Official)
4th August 2015 - Venice Hill
4th September 2015 - Klang

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