Quotes from the only apple of my eyes :)

Baby I see you working hard and I want to let you know I am proud 
Let you know that I admire what you do
Let me hold you in my arms
I just want to take the stress away from you, making sure that I am doing my part
Boy is there something you need me to do, if you want it, just say the word
I know whatever I am not fulfilling, another woman is willing
The more If I need to reassure you, my life would be purposeless without you
If I want it, when I ask you, you inspire me to be better, challenge me for the better just like I challenge to be better
Sit back and let me pour out my love letter
Let me help you take off your shoes and untie your shoestrings when you are back at home from work
What you want to eat Boo? Let me feed you
Let me run your bathwater
Whatever you desire, I will aspire
Sing you a song, turn the game on
Want a foot rub? Boy I am yours I want to cater to you
Let me cater to you because baby this is your day
Do anything for my man
I got your slippers, your dinner, your dessert and so much more
Anything you want just let me cater to you
Can't nothing tear me apart from you, you are all I want in a man
I put my life in your hands

Just love the lyrics she created for me, truly appreciate it! Xie xie ni :)))

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